Sativa dom. In RED | Hybrid in GREEN | Indica dom. In PURPLE

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Luv Hemp/ Great Earth Hemp

Honey Sticks | 10mg CBD per 5g stick

CBD Tincture | 

The Oregon Candy Farm | Candy Flyer

Ginger Chews (5 chews per pack.  Each chew has 10mg of THC)

  • Super Sour Lemon Ginger
  • Apple Pie Ginger
  • Mt. Berry Ginger

Caramels (2 pcs/pk for rec 5 pcs for med. Each pc has 25mg of THC)

  • Coastal Caramel
  • Deebo Caramel

Fudge (2pcs /pk.  Rec has 25mg of THC per pc and med has 50mg THC per piece)

  • OHH Fudge
  • Chocolate PB Bites
  • Deebo Caramel

Bandits Oil Mfg. | BOM

.5g Cartridge

  • Power Plant (Sativa) 60% THC
  • Afgoo (Indica) 59.2% THC
  • OG Kush (Hybrid) 64% THC

1g Dripper

  • Power Plant (Sativa) 60%THC
  • Afgoo (Indica) 59.2% THC
  • OG Kush (Hybrid) 64% THC



Rosin Rolls (All with Blue Dream rosin at 65.72% | Test Results)

Terra Mater Farms

GSC | Test Results

Coming Soon !

Elevated Agriculture

Black Cherry Soda | Indoor 17% | Test Results

Blue Cheese | Indoor 17%| Test Results

Blueberry Cookies | Indoor 20.3%| Test Results

Chiesel | Indoor 23%| Test Results

Gorilla Glue | Indoor 26.48%| Test Results

Master Kush | Indoor 17%| Test Results

Platnium OG | Indoor 18% | Test Results

Swiss Miss | Indoor 20%| Test Results

Webster | Indoor 22.51%| Test Results


Three Finger Farm

AK-47 | Test Results

Killer Queen | Test Results

Green Crack | Test Results

Kimbo Kush | Test Results

Heavy Ooey Gooey | Test Results

Indoor, 4.0%THC/7.9%CBD

Indoor, 14.4% Hybrid

Indoor, 15.10% Sativa

Indoor, 17-18% Indica

Indoor, 14.7% Indica

Emerald Evolution

Banana OG | Test Results

Head Cheese | Test Results

Strawberry | Test Results

Super Lemon Haze | Test Results

Indoor, 25.82% Hybrid

Indoor, 25-26% Hybrid

Indoor, 20.9% Hybrid

Indoor, 24.93% Sativa

5500 Farms/ Evergreen Natural Farms

Blue Dream | Test Results

Platinum Cookies | Test Results

Cookies & Cream #1 | Test Results

Cookies & Cream #2 | Test Results

Indoor, 17.76% Hybrid

Indoor, 25.25% Hybrid

Indoor, 23.89 Hybrid

Indoor, 26% Hybrid

Strong Roots

Blue Dream | Test Results

Tardis | Test Results

Indoor, 21.19% Sativa

Indoor, 19.7% Sativa

Primo Farms

Dirty Harry

Evergreen Glue | Test Results

Outdoor, 16.47

Outdoor, 17.83%

Applegate Farms

Lemon Kush | Test Results | Terp Test

Outdoor Indica hybrid 23.67%

Heady Farms

Coming Soon!

Pre Rolls - Primo Farms

Brain Wreck

Primo Prem. Purple

Primo Express

Primo Evergreen Glue

Primo Stout


Primo G

In Bulk | Tubed and labled

Currently out of stock

In bulk | Tubed and labeled

Currently out of stock

In bulk | Tubed and Labeled

Currently out of stock

In bulk | Tubed and Labeled

Pre Rolls - Terra Mater

Allen Wrench | Test Results


Snoops Dream

Seeds - Primo Farms

Rouge X Power

Diesel X Power

Jack X Rouge




Marijuana Sunrise
3 Finger Farm Plant
Primo Pre Roll
Marijuana Oil


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  • Oils
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